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Studienkolleg in Germany

Congratulations on obtaining a C1 of German proficiency level certificate! You are one step away from living your dreams to be studying in Germany but did you just realise that your latest academic certificate is not recognised by German Abitur? Do not panic because there is always a way out.


Studienkollegs are public educational institutions in Germany which offer preparatory courses (foundation year courses) for international students hoping to study at a German university. If your secondary school certificate is not recognised as being equal to the German Abitur, you will need to complete a Studienkolleg before enrolling to a German university. German is the language of instruction in every Studienkolleg.

Studienkollegs often require applicants to take an entrance exam that invariably includes a B2/C1-level German language test and sporadically also includes a math test. The Feststellungsprüfung (FSP), a two-semester final test that comprises subjects linked to your future field of study, is offered by Studienkollegs. After passing the FSP, you can apply immediately to the study programme of your choice at any German institution.


Is interested in pursuing degree’s, master’s and PhD degree in Germany

Obtains a pre-university certificate that IS NOT RECOGNISED by  German Abitur

Is interested in building language skills, adjust to living and studying abroad in Germany.


To ensure that students are as prepared as possible for the Studienkolleg admissions examination, two four-week modules of preparatory courses have been developed. These programmes emphasise German math while also practising for mock exams. At Berlin's public Studienkollegs, every teacher has previous teaching experience.


The first module covers the fundamental mathematical concepts taught in German secondary schools, including linear and quadratic equations, fractional arithmetic, area and volume calculation, differential calculus, functions, integral calculus, percentage and interest calculation, trigonometry, statistics, etc.

  • 20 lessons per week

  • Levels: Minimum German language level B2

  • Duration 4 weeks


This add-on module will go further into several subjects and let students practise mock exams using real entrance exam samples. You'll learn how to take tests and how to answer all the common arithmetic problems.

  • 20 lessons per week

  • Levels: Minimum German language level B2

  • Duration 4 weeks