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Study in Switzerland

To most people, Switzerland is best known for its watches, cheese, private banking and natural beauties. However, Switzerland is famous for its excellent education. Switzerland is home to 7 out of 200 top universities with ETH Zurich- Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ranked 6th in the QS World Universities ranking 2020 and 11th in Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2019.



#1 High standard of living

Swiss cities continuously get ranked among the best cities in the world for quality of life. Although it can be a very expensive place to live, the wages are high and the crime rate is low – making the major cities some of the happiest cities in Europe. Switzerland has a brilliant transport infrastructure, meaning that it is easy to travel around, and really get to know the country. Because of the diverse countryside, you’ll enjoy the picturesque journeys too! 


#2 World champion to innovation

Owing to the high educational standards of its universities, Switzerland is an innovative and competitive country. Swiss scientists are held in high esteem worldwide. Switzerland hosts many reputable institutions, such as the CERN Institute, based in Geneva. Private sector makes ample investments in research, particularly in the pharmaceutical, chemical and engineering sectors.

#3 Internationality

Switzerland’s location in the center of Europe, as well as its variety of international industries, make it among the most diverse countries in Europe. Foreign nationals account for nearly 40 percent the population, one of the highest ratios in the world. A broad international group is a great way to grow your social circle but can also be helpful in expanding your professional network. In fact, it has been proven that a multicultural environment can bolster richer idea generation, helping foster innovation and creativity.


Switzerland, a country well-known for its high-quality hotel and tourism industry, is an excellent destination for those interested in studying hospitality. As the birthplace of Hospitality, the country has a great reputation for excellence in Hospitality Education and a large number of executives in the global hospitality industry are graduates from Swiss hotel schools.Hospitality education in Switzerland focuses on experiential learning (aka hands-on learning). Students joining the top Swiss hospitality education institutions acquire these skills through practical modules not only in the purpose-built labs within the institutions but also in hospitality businesses. There are around 35 Swiss institutes that offer diplomas and degrees in hospitality management and BHMS is one of them which is ranked 5th among the best Hotel Management schools in Switzerland (CEO World Ranking 2019).

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Steps to Study in Switzerland

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Study in Switzerland

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