The Value of an International Study Experience
Many students choose to further their studies abroad every year and to them, studying abroad, whether at undergraduate or post-graduate level remains one of the most valuable experience in their life time.

So what are the benefits of international study experience?

Employability: Employers, especially multinational corporations seek out graduates with international living experience and exposure. Graduates who have completed their internships overseas also display higher levels of versatility, independence and problem solving ability. In a QS survey of 10,000 employers in 116 countries, 60% of respondents said they would give extra credit to graduate applicants who had studied abroad – and of course international experience is especially highly valued by employers operating across multiple countries and markets.

Culture: As an international student, you live and mingle with people of diverse culture and background. This experience is valuable and can never be learnt from books. The best way of learning about another culture is by immersing yourself in it and by living in a country. 


Global Networking: When you study overseas, you will meet and build friendships with students from around the world. Mixing with people from different countries helps you gain a broader perspective towards other culture, people and the world as a whole. In this globalised world, your international network may come into use one day. 

Travel opportunities: International students travel and experience the sights and sound of a foreign country while they study there. This is when you explore the world with a young and open mind and many treasure these eye-opening moments as the most memorable time of their life. 

Self-discovery: Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to discover yourself and your inner strengths. When you are faced with challenging situations, you need to summon the courage to overcome obstacles and fears. It moulds you into a tougher and stronger person. 




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