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Universities in China

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Cost of Studying in China

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Steps to Study in China

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Study in China

Study in China

In recent years, an increasing number of Malaysian students have been looking beyond their borders for quality education and diverse cultural experiences. One destination that has gained significant popularity is China. With its rich history, cutting-edge academic institutions, and vibrant cultural scene, China offers a unique and enriching environment for Malaysian students to pursue their higher education. In this article, we'll delve into the various aspects of studying in China.

Overview of Post-Secondary Education Options in China

All across China, there are more than 2,900 institutions of higher learning. The Chinese government is vital for the development of the nation's educational system. It has been very proactive and supportive in the growth of the nation's higher education position over the years. Certain universities have received significant financing from the government to help with facility improvements, research centre, and other developments. The institutions in China are as followed:

  • Public Institutions - These are government-funded universities that are run by local authorities, as well as central education ministries and agencies in China. They offer programs for students to earn a recognized degree as well as training to improve their skills.

  • Private Institutions - There are 300 private institutions of higher education in China. These universities are not administered by the government or the state and tend to apply more expensive tuition fees. Nevertheless, these institutions give scholarships for their students to cover their study fees.

  • Vocational Universities - Vocational universities form part of the Chinese higher education system. These universities are ideal in terms of providing exceptional training for students wishing to work in various industries. Moreover, graduates of this type of university usually receive diplomas which are part of integrated programs by vocational universities.

  • Adult Institutions - This category includes:

    • Administrative colleges (offering adult middle school and higher education programs for government officers)

    • Employee’s colleges for staff/workers

    • Independent self-study examinations

    • Radio and television universities

    • Correspondence departments and attached evening colleges

    • Spare-time universities (offering sub-degree level programs for students who have spare time to study)

Pathways to Study in China


If you are determined to witness the Great Wall of China, there are numerous avenues available to fulfill that long-held aspiration. Upon finishing your SPM, O-Level, IGCSE, or a comparable certification, there are several possibilities for you to consider and explore.

(a) Direct Entry

EE_China Direct Entry_.png

Many of the China universities will accept international students who have completed grade 11 high school qualification (SPM/IGCSE/UEC/O-Level). These are good rank universities but not likely the ones ranked at the top. If you are ambitious and are aiming for a top-ranked university, you might want to consider the option below. 

(b) Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia (STPM)/A-Level

EE_China STPM A-level Pathway.png

Many Chinese universities accept STPM/A-Level qualifications for direct admission to bachelor's degree programs. However, the specific requirements can vary from university to university and program to program. Check the official websites of the universities you're interested in to understand their admission criteria, or contact us today to get further details.

Universities in China


Currently, China has over 2,900 universities. If you are an international student considering an education in China, this number can be quite overwhelming. To help you decide, check out our list of the top Chinese universities and what they have to offer!

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