Further Study Advice

Are you at the crossroad of your life where you have to make a further study choice? Are you faced with options and unsure what the best option is? Let us help you make an informed choice. You will be guided through a list of options based on your pre-determined criteria, i.e. career plans, budget, lifestyle etc. We will also use profiling tools to help you discover your personal strengths and unearth your career interests. You will gain insight into the pros and cos of various study pathways to ensure you optimise your time and financial resources to arrive at your goal. 

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University and College Applications

Gaining admission into universities can be an intricate matter. We will ease your load by assisting in the application process. 

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Career and Personality Profiling


The secret to having a fun & exciting career lies in matching your personality style  with careers you'd love the most. My Career Match gives you the right information  to start planning for a successful and happy future.

15 minutes is all it takes to complete the short online profile. We ask you a few questions about yourself and based on your answers we immediately email you your Career Report and Workbook.


You’ll learn:

  • What your personality style is

  • What your natural strengths and talents are

  • How to choose a career that’s right for you

  • A list of jobs that match who you are and what you’d be good at

  • Your ideal work environment and what qualities you would bring to a job

  • The right content to use in your resume

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Campus Tours and Holiday Programmes

university tour

We organise local and overseas study tours for students and parents to visit the campuses and teaching facilities of universities and colleges to get a better idea of the unique offerings of the institutions. 

We also organise summer / winter tours that combine classroom experience, cultural exchange and excursions to interesting places to various destinations.