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Study in South Korea

If you are lucky enough to get the opportunity to study abroad during your time at university, why not put South Korea at the top of your list. South Korea is a unique and exciting country, yet it remains one of the less popular destinations for students going abroad.


South Korea is renowned for its universities and it has a number of prestigious universities, and most of these are located in Seoul. The quality of education and the dedication to achieving highly is exceptional. Depending on the universities and programmes you are taking, you may be required to take a Korean language programme if your courses are conducted in Korean language. This ranges from classes to complete beginners, to classes for more advanced learners who have studied in Korea before.


The ability to speak another language is invaluable to employers these days and will pull you ahead of anyone else. Entrance into a top tier higher educational institution leads to a prestigious, secure and well-paid job with the government, banks, major South Korean business conglomerate such as Samsung or LG Electronics.

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