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UE for Applied Sciences

The University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) teaches the future designers and decision-makers in the disciplines of business, sports, media and events, and art & design in Iserlohn, Berlin, Hamburg, and on the UE Innovation Hub.

This university supports integrative teaching methods that are in line with current practise and the highest international standards, as well as the future-focused development of skills. The various academic disciplines interact with one another to mutually enrich one another and offer fresh ideas for teaching and research that are tailored to the needs of the Job Market 4.0. This is accomplished through the interaction of creative, entrepreneurial, and digital thinking as well as an international perspective.



Europe's start-up capital is Berlin. This is a result of the numerous businesses that have relocated to the German capital over the past few years, as well as Berlin's capacity for creativity and innovation. Berlin is a multifaceted cultural, political, and artistic hub in Germany. This has been noted by those working for global organisations like Spotify, Amazon, IBM, or Google as well as freelancers, business owners, and individuals from the art and entertainment scene. Berlin is one of the most desirable study locations in the world due to the excellent level of living and the abundance of employment opportunities.


Hamburg is a diversified city, both in terms of its neighbourhoods and its inhabitants, including the lovely riverside, the well-known "Reeperbahn," the hip "Schanzenviertel," and - of course - the multiracial Altona. Numerous renowned publishing firms, multinational network agencies, and sizable creative centres are advantageous to students. Together, these factors make Hamburg the top media city in Germany and the best city in which to pursue a career in business or art.


Iserlohn is known as the "green city" on the outskirts of the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan area, one of Europe's most economically significant regions. Over the course of more than 20 years, UE has developed strong connections with neighbouring businesses. Their partners range from regional, mid-sized businesses to well-known brands on a global scale. Iserlohn provides a wide range of alternatives for leisure time and cultural pursuits in addition to an appealing work market.


The SAP Think Campus, which is currently being transformed into a tech hub in the Berlin area, is where their Innovation Hub is situated. As a result, the institution is situated close to businesses that are innovators in the disciplines of technology, data, and design. This emphasis is also seen in the building's and the interior's contemporary design, which puts their students close to global businesses and fosters their creative potential. Did you know that the area around the Innovation Hub has the largest concentration of scientists in Germany? We believe you'll make friends at the Innovation Hub.

Programmes Offered

Bachelor's Degree Programmes

Communication Design

Film & Motion Design

Photography & New Media

Game Design


Software Engineering

Digital Media & Marketing

Digital Business & Data Science

Digital Product Management

Business Psychology


UI/UX Design

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