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IU International University of Applied Sciences

IUBH University of Applied Sciences is a private, state-accredited university of applied sciences in Germany. The university was founded in 1998 and serves about 27,000 students in total. It offers English-language campus-based courses, dual German-language study programs as well as part-time and distance-learning courses in German and English. 


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At the Bad Honnef campus, you study on the grounds of the historical St. Anno Park at the very centre of the city. The campus is 100% international and multicultural: Students, professors and instructors from over 100 countries live and study here.


IUBH campus on Rolandufer is located in the centre of Berlin. Berlin is Germany’s premier hotspot: 


  • An international intercultural and the leading city for innovation and start-ups

  • An ideal place to combine study, work experience and lifestyle

Programmes Offered

Bachelor's Degree Programmes

Digital Business


Applied Psychology

Industrial and Organizational Psychology


MBA Programmes

Master of Business Administration

Big Data Management

Engineering Management

Finance & Accounting

International Marketing

IT Management

Artificial Intelligence

Master's Programmes

Applied Artificial Intelligence

Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking for Entrepreneurs

Digital Marketing

Marketing Management

DevOps and Cloud Computing

DevOps and Cloud Computing Management

Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Living Expenses

Compared to other European countries, Germany offers excellent value for money in accommodation, food, services and entertainment. The price of food, accommodation, clothing and cultural activities is close to the European average, but below the average found in the major cities of France, Italy, Spain or the UK. 


The German government calculates that a student needs around €800 per month to live comfortably, yet this may vary with your lifestyle and basic needs. Take into account that the biggest monthly expense you will have is accommodation, so depending of how much you spend for lodging you will need between €800 to €1,000 a month to cover all your expenses.


  • For students with big ideas in business and entrepreneurship

  • GPA 2.7 or above

  • IELTS 6.0 or above

  • PowerPoint presentation (max. 5 pages) detailing candidate’s entrepreneurship ideas

  • For students with a track record of social and community engagement

  • GPA 2.7 or above

  • IELTS 6.0 or above

  • PowerPoint presentation (max. 5 pages) detailing social and community engagement activities

  • For high-performing students.

  • GPA 2.5-1.5 or above

  • IELTS 6.0-6.5 or above

  • Letter of Motivation

  • Promoting inclusivity and representation at high levels in tech

  • GPA 2.7 or above

  • IELTS 6.0 or above

  • PowerPoint presentation (max. 5 pages) detailing candidate’s leadership activities

Companies Where IUBH Alumni Work

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