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In-Demand Courses in the United Kingdom

#1 Engineering

The Bachelor of Engineering is an academic degree achieved at the undergraduate level under the School of Engineering Science. Moreover, this degree is academically equal to the Bachelor of Science. Construction, infrastructure and development are ongoing, therefore the need for engineers is expected to increase roughly by 130,000 new jobs throughout the next decade. During the Engineering degree from international tech school the students will learn how to solve Engineering problems using scientific equations, mathematics.


The UK has a high demand for engineers and technicians. So, if you are a student of Engineering, you can get jobs in this sector. The categories under skill shortage are:

  • Civil engineering

  • Mechanical engineering

  • Electrical and electronics engineering

  • Design and development engineering

  • Production and process engineering

  • Programme and software engineering

  • Chemical engineering.


#2 Healthcare

Healthcare and medicine is not just a subject to study but a lifelong decision and a career which can change students’ lifestyles. Medicine is one of the most prestigious professions in the world. The medical schools in the United Kingdom conduct quality research and internationally recognized programs. Medicine is open to every individual who wants to be a doctor and has the right attributes to work in the medical field.


There is an abundance of healthcare-related jobs in the UK. Even the demands of healthcare staff are rising high, and it is added to the shortage occupation list. So you can have jobs as:

  • Nurse

  • Senior care worker

  • Health service and public health manager

  • Physiotherapist


Other science subjects under skill shortage include:

  • Psychology

  • Radiography

  • Paramedical science

  • Veterinary medicine

  • Nursing


#3 Computer Science and Technology

As the age of information continues to expand, so does the need for cyber security, data management, and technical support. Furthermore, the course has high demand in the UK and a strong priority on practical skills, which are highly in demand in the workplace both in the UK and any other country. Since a large number of businesses depend on computers to function productively, there are a lot of opportunities for Computer Science graduates. Official statistics from 2017 indicated that employees earn approximately £30,000 annually, owing to the fact that it’s such a desirable skill set.


There are many IT-related jobs in the UK. In the IT field, the UK is currently facing a massive job crisis. So you can have jobs like:

  • Business analytics

  • Web designer

  • Program and software developer

  • System designer


The most lucrative specializations include:

  • Data science

  • IT business analytics

  • Web designing and development

  • Cybersecurity


#4 Mathematics, Economics, Actuarial Science and Statistics

Actuaries, economists, and statisticians have been in serious shortage in the UK for quite some time. Mathematicians are required in numerous industries and thus graduate work chances are great.


86.5% of Math, Statistics, Economics & Actuarial Science graduates find a job within 6 months of course completion. Math graduates also draw higher salaries compared to other graduates. Many decide to work as finance workers, accountants, bankers, or analysts. The degree can likewise be helpful for those looking to work in technology.


Financial experts are highly sought after, as they are key to maintaining stability and spending within the business sector. Generally, graduates with a mathematical specialism earn 30% more than other graduates and potential employees can expect to earn up to £40,000 per year.


#5 Art and Design

It is a stereotypical idea that in the faculty of arts and design, students learn painting and drawing only. However, a degree in arts and design can lead a student into various industries such as fashion, textiles, photography, multimedia, TV production, museums, and so on. The students can increase their creativity by joining the department. They can also show their creative arts, and turn their passion into a gainful career. Since the United Kingdom is an exciting and inspiring place and has a long history of art and culture, it can be a great place to study Arts and Design. There are a number of branches of this school. such as, music and animation, photography, fine arts, 3D design and textiles, creative writing and script writing.


Although there is intense competition for graduate jobs, those with the necessary credentials, abilities, and experience stand a decent chance of landing a position. The fact that many foreigners speak many different languages makes them attractive prospects. It comes as no surprise that the UK is a preferred location for overseas graduates looking to launch their careers given the variety of job sectors, favorable working conditions, and abundance of employment chances.

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