What is the cost of studying in the UK?

Home to the world’s most prestigious universities like Oxford and Cambridge, the UK is a popular choice for students looking to pursue quality higher education overseas. However, students and parents may wonder “can i really afford to study there?” 


Fret not! Here’s a quick guide on the cost of studying in the UK. We’ve included the tuition fees and cost of living for students as well.

Tuition Fees

Here’s how much tuition fees in the UK will cost per year:*

  • English language courses - around £300 per week

  • Undergraduate studies - £12,000 to £30,000 and above

  • Postgraduate studies - £10,000 to £25,000 and above

Tuition fees will vary depending on your chosen course. For example, studying an engineering degree at the University of Manchester will cost £24,000 per year, while an accounting degree will cost £19,000 per year.


The average student rental costs between £400 to £650 per month. Most students will stay on-campus for their first year and move out at the end of the year.


Rental costs will vary depending on the state you’re studying in. For example, renting in Wales will cost £425 per month, while living in London costs £728 per month. Staying in the suburbs will also generally be cheaper compared with urban areas.


Wherever you stay, it's important to choose a location that will suit your needs. You’ll want a place with easy access to public transport to get around and grocery stores for daily necessities. Your rented room should also be conducive for studying, with good lighting and a quiet environment.

Cost of Food in the UK

Grocery shopping costs around £120 per month at popular UK supermarkets like Tesco and Sainsbury. Getting a meal at the local pub will cost around £10, while snacks and coffee from a convenience store will cost £5.


If you’re missing home, there are affordable Asian eats for £7 to £12. The UK has a wide variety of Asian food from Taiwanese fried chicken, authentic Vietnames Pho to Indian naan. Treating yourself to cafe food will cost more, at £12 to £25 for a meal.  

Transportation Cost

Public transport is a reliable way to navigate most UK cities. The average bus or train ticket will cost £20 per week (£5 per day). Londoners have a higher public transportation cost at £30 per week.


The most common public transport cards are Oyster cards, which give you access to all the public transport systems in London. You can also book BritRail passes online to travel to other parts of the UK by train.


If you plan on driving, the average british driver spends £70 per week on petrol.

Other Essentials

Other essentials you’ll need when studying abroad:


  • New clothes
    £35 to £55 (Jeans and tee shirt from H&M)
    £50 to £80 (Winter jacket from H&M)


  • Academic supplies - £60 to £100 per month

  • Electricity and water bills - £40 to £60 per month

  • Internet or mobile data -  £20 to £30 per month

Note 1: Estimates from Times Higher Education, QS Top Universities, Save The Student and Complete University Guide for accommodation, tuition fees and cost of food.

Note 2: Estimates for transportation cost taken from Transport for London and National Rail (UK). Fuel cost is calculated at £1.30 per liter for a 55 liter fuel tank based on UK government statistics.

Note 3: Estimates for other essentials taken from Times Higher Education and Mobile/Internet Service Provider Websites in the UK.

Note 4: Price and exchange rates may vary from the date of publication.

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