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Cost of Studying in Japan

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Steps to Study in Japan

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Cost of Studying in Japan

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Study in Japan

Japan has long been a sought-after destination for international students seeking high-quality education, rich cultural experiences, and a glimpse into a vibrant and innovative society. However, like any study abroad destination, the cost of studying in Japan can be a significant factor to consider. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of the cost of studying in Japan, including tuition fees, living expenses, scholarships, and part-time work opportunities.


We’ve put together a guide on the cost of studying in Japan, covering tuition fees, living expenses, student accommodation and other expenses.

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While studying in Japan offers an incredible opportunity for personal and academic growth, it's crucial to understand and plan for tuition fees. By considering factors such as the type of institution, level of study, and available financial assistance, Malaysian students can make informed decisions about their education in Japan.

According to JASSO MALAYSIA, Japan Student Sevices Organization Malaysia, gives the typical annual tuition fees for international students as:

  • National University- 540,000 yen to 810,000 yen

  • Private University - 950,00 yen to 1,700,000 yen

  • Private College - 850,000 yen to 1,100,000 yen

These figures do not include high-value courses such as veterinary or medical degrees, which can cost significantly more. 

Note: Students may be require to pay examination fees, teaching materials and practical training fees, etc


Living expenses in Japan can vary depending on your location, lifestyle, and personal spending habits. Japan is known for having a relatively high cost of living compared to many other countries, but expenses can vary significantly between cities and regions. Here's a general breakdown of some common living expenses you might encounter while studying in Japan. The official JASSO Malaysia recommend budgeting 93,000 yen per month for living expenses. Living expenses are more expensive in large cities, like Tokyo, which will cost you up to 108,000 yen per month.

Other monthly expenses include:

  • Rent - 38,000 yen

  • Food - 28,000 yen

  • Miscellaneous Expenses - 8,000 yen

  • Utilities (electricity/gas/water) - 7,000 yen

  • Hobbies/Entertainment - 5,000 yen

  • Commute - 4,000 yen

  • Insurance, medical expenses - 3,000 yen

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