Cost of Studying in Australia

With its vibrant culture and top universities, it’s easy to see why students choose to study abroad in Australia. “Can I afford to study there?” is often the next question on the mind of students and parents after choosing a study destination. 


We’ve put together a guide on the cost of studying in Australia, covering cost of living and the tuition fees there.  

Tuition Fees

Here’s how much tuition fees in Australia will cost per year:*

  • English language studies - Around A$300 per week depending on course length

  • Vocational education - A$4,000 to A$22,000 (Certificate/Diploma/Advanced Diploma)

  • Undergraduate studies - A$20,000 to A$45,000

  • Postgraduate studies (Masters) - A$22,000 to A$50,000

Keep in mind that tuition fees will vary depending on your chosen course. For example, studying a Bachelor of Commerce will cost A$44,000 per year at The University of Melbourne, while a Bachelor of Oral Health costs A$68,000 per year.


A hostel off-campus will generally cost A$90 to A$150 per week, while staying on-campus costs more, at A$110 to A$280 per week.  


The cost of rental in Australia is highly dependent on location. Living in the suburbs is generally cheaper than living in the city center. Sharing the rental cost with other students is also a good way to save.


When looking for a place to stay, make sure you have easy access to shops for groceries, public transport and the occasional entertainment. You’ll also want a room that’s conducive for studying, with good lighting and a comfortable bed to crash on during all-nighters.

Cost of Food in Australia

Shopping for groceries will cost between A$140 to A$280 at major Australian supermarkets like Woolworths and Coles. The occasional snack at 7-Eleven will cost around A$5 for a coffee and bagel. 


If you’re missing home, Asian food can cost between A$7 to A$15. Australia has a wide variety of cuisines from Vietnamese Pho, Thai fried rice to Beef Rendang. Splurging at a cafe will cost between A$14 to A$20.

Transportation Cost

Public transport in Australia is a reliable way to get around for A$30 to A$60 per week. 


You can buy a card that allows you to access all the public transport systems like trams, trains and ferries for A$10 to A$20. Some states may require different cards such as MyKi cards (used in Melbourne) or Opal cards (used in Sydney). 


If you’re using a car, petrol will cost between A$150 to A$260 per week.

Other Essentials

Other essentials you’ll need when studying abroad:


  • New clothes 
    A$40 to A$80 (Jeans and tee shirt from H&M) 
    A$70 to A$100 (Winter jacket from H&M)


  • Academic supplies - A$40 to A$80 per month

  • Electricity and water bills - A$40 to A$80 per month

  • Internet or mobile data - A$60 to A$120 per month

Note 1: Estimates from the Australian Government & Times Higher Education.

Note 2: Price and exchange rates may vary from the date of publication.

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