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Why You Should Study in Australia

High Quality Education

Australian universities consistently rank high in global university rankings, ensuring a high standard of education. Many of them are recognized for their research contributions and academic excellence.

Safety & Supportive Environment

Australia is considered one of the safest countries in the world for international students. Universities provide support services, including academic support, accommodation assistance, and counseling services.

Post-Study Work Opportunities

After completing your study, students can apply for the Post-Study Work Visa, allowing you to work in Australia for a certain period, depending on the level of qualification obtained.

Quality of Life

Australia is known for its high quality of life, excellent healthcare, and safety. Cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane are vibrant and multicultural, offering a diverse and welcoming environment for students.

Cost of Studying in Australia

Tuition Fee

AUD20,000 to AUD50,000 per year


AUD150 to AUD500 per week


AUD30 to AUD60 per week

Living Expenses

AUD300 to AUD500 per month

Top Programmes to Study in Australia

Engineering & Technology

Environmental Science

Business & Management

Agricultural & Rural Studies

Medicine & Health Sciences

Early Childhood Education

Arts & Humanities

Creative Arts & Design

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Our Partner Australian Universities

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Our Students

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Pei Qi Yap

Super greatful to have met my agent, Jacelyn. She was extremely patient and detail oriented which really aided me in my pre-u enrollment process. Highly recommended and overall a great experience.

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