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PSB Academy

Discover the gateway to excellence at PSB Academy Singapore, where your aspirations meet limitless possibilities. Nestled in the heart of Singapore, PSB Academy seamlessly integrates world-class education with practical insights, crafting graduates who stand out on the global stage. Their diverse array of internationally recognized programs, state-of-the-art facilities, and a supportive multicultural community ensure that students not only receive an exceptional education but also embark on an enriching cross-cultural adventure. Interested to know more? Read more to explore more!

Why Should You Study at PSB Academy?

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PSB Academy

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Cost Of Studying in Singapore

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Steps To Study in Singapore

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Study in Singapore

More than Just Books

Engaging with Industry

Learning at Leisure

#1 More than Just Books

Acing your assignments and exams will be your main goal, but it shouldn't be your only one! In today's complex business, you'll need to know about global cultures and markets. "Demonstrate good skills" and "network successfully". These are all aspects of working life that should go hand in hand with your academic results and we will provide the connections to ensure that you're well prepared for work on day one of your career.

#2 Engaging with Industry

While you're studying with PSB Academy, you'll have access to a host of resources, plus workshops and career fairs. You'll also be able to consult with PSB Academy's industry partners, to prepare you for the workforce, so you'll be learning the skills that the market needs. In 2021, almost eight in 10 their graduates were employed within 6 months after examinations.

#3 Learning at Leisure

At PSB Academy, you can have fun broadening your experience through their numerous student clubs and activities plus create a positive impact in the community. And, along the way, make some lifelong friends!

Programme Disciplines

Whatever area of study you select, discover a world of opportunity that broadens your horizons.

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Progression Pathways

Embark on a transformative educational journey with PSB Academy Singapore's enticing progression pathways, designed to elevate Malaysian students' aspirations to new horizons. At PSB Academy, they take pride in offering a diverse range of programs that serve as stepping stones toward a globally recognized qualification. Their tailored pathways ensure a smooth transition from diploma to degree, enabling students to flourish both academically and professionally.

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University Partners

At PSB Academy, they are constantly seeking to collaborate with leading industry players around the world to enhance your learning experience. These partnerships entail a combination of certifications, student memberships, currciulum development or even academic delivery for selected courses

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