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The university city of Oxford is perhaps best known for being home to the University of Oxford, the oldest University in the English-speaking world and the second oldest University still running. However, unlike its esteemed university, the city of Oxford is quite humble in comparison, having a modest population of just 150,000, a large part of this being students.


Similar to Cambridge, Oxford has many cafes, pubs and nightclubs for the numerous students within the city to go to. Bibliophiles will also love the numerous bookstores and university libraries throughout the city, containing material on almost any subject imaginable.


Oxford University is ranked 1st in the world by Times Higher Education, and is frequently considered to be one of the most prestigious universities to attend, and the most prospective for graduates. The university is made of 39 semi-autonomous colleges, and a range of academic departments organised into four divisions.

Feeling Hungry?

Here are some affordable food options near Oxford's city centre

St Giles - This historical cafe has served generations of Oxford students, but was recently taken over and madeover, creating a new, retro cafe that appeals to foodies. Now, the kitchen bakes its own bread, cures its own fish and works towards serving authentic, affordable food, such as their sandwiches which range from £4.50-5.50.

The Natural Bread Company - A spin-off of one of Oxford’s best artisan bakeries, The Natural Bread Company holds displays of mouthwatering pain au levain, sourdoughs and other treats. Their short lunch menu of stews, salads and sandwiches is filling and very affordable, starting at only £4.95, and not going over £5.95.

Getting Around

There are 3 bus companies operating in Oxford, all of which travel throughout the entire city. This is the main method of public transport throughout the city, other than walking and cycling, which are both very common. Many streets in Oxford are pedestrian only, throughout the day, and the city itself is very safe, meaning that walking is a very feasible option for most of your daily errands.

Instagrammable Places in Oxford

Places to take amazing photos in Oxford


Bridge of Sighs

Similar to its famous cousin in Venice, the Bridge of Sighs has one of the saddest stories - and some of the best looks - a bridge could offer. 

Image Credit: Instagram @davinalmw



Radcliffe Camera

This is one of the most iconic buildings in the entire UK, and you would be doing yourself a disservice by not visiting it at least once during your stay.

Image Credit: Instagram @tfadil


University Church 

The University Church is an architectural marvel, even in a city already well appreciated for its beautiful buildings.

Image credit: universitychurchoxford


Duke Humfrey’s Library

Duke Humfrey’s library feels like its own little magical world, and makes for some incredibly surreal photography.

Image credit: Instagram @oxfordlens


Magdalen Bridge Boathouse

The Magdalen Boathouse is perfect not only for photographing the river Thames, but also the colorful, quirky boats that rest on it.

Image Credit: Instagram @katy__grace01

Go on a Road Trip

Travel further outside London for graduation trips or mini-vacations.

London - The UK capital is only a 90 minute train ride from Oxford station, and has anything you could want to do, albeit at a higher price than Oxford-dwellers would be used to. London is the perfect getaway for a special occasion or on holiday, with it never being short of something to do.


Bicester Village - Bicester Village is a shopper’s paradise, a luxury shopping destination with over 160 famous brands to choose from. The village is only a 20 minute train ride away, making it an ideal day trip destination.

The Stonor Park & House - Visit one of the oldest family homes still occupied, which has 3 main gardens and plenty of history. The house grounds also contain remains of a prehistoric stone circle, its own chapel and lots of deer

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