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Nottingham is a lively city with much to offer, without being too busy or crowded like London or Birmingham. The city has a strong live music scene with many small bands looking to make a name for themselves in the various quirky bars and pubs throughout the Lace Market area, and the rest of the city.


Nottingham also has an award winning public transport system, including the largest publicly owned bus network in England, and the Nottingham Express Transit, a modern tram system.


Nottingham is also home to the University of Nottingham, one of the UK’s most prestigious universities, ranked 99th in the world by QS Top Universities. This University also has a large population of Malaysian students, in part thanks to its Malaysian sister campus.

Feeling Hungry?

Here are some affordable food options near Nottingham’s city centre.

Cobden Place - Cobden Place offers a large variety of gluten-free homemade goods, as well as a good range of loose-leaf teas. Most notably, however, is that they serve bottomless filter coffee for just £2.50, making them perfect for long study sessions on a budget.

The Specialty Coffee Shop - Specialty Coffee is most well-known for its selection of strong, flavorful coffee, which is served in a cosy space, alongside a small, but fantastic, selection of teas. They also serve food from 8am-3pm, and a mouthwatering variety of homemade cakes.

Getting Around

Nottingham has one of the best public transport systems in the UK, with a huge bus network and modernised tram system to choose from. The city also has numerous rails systems for both long and short distance travel. Tired of buying tickets or finding the exact change for the bus? Purchase a Robin Hood Card, for just £2, the city’s equivalent to Touch ‘n Go, and top it up at any ticket machine.

Instagrammable Places in Nottingham

Places to take amazing photos in Nottingham


City of Caves

Go exploring in this vast, historical network of caves, and be sure to grab some pictures of the beautiful chalk and limestone walls.

Image credit: Instagram @pug_dad



The Arboretum

This park is said to have inspired Peter Pan’s Neverland, and has over 800 trees that make up a spectrum of colors in the autumn, some of which were planted over a hundred years ago.

Image Credit: Instagram @peter.samuilov


Hockey Arts Club

The Hockley Arts Club is the quintessential place for aesthetic Instagram photos. Neon signs, colorful cocktails and its own “Electric Garden” make up the perfect photography core.

Image credit: Instagram @ thehockleyartsclub


Sneinton Market Avenues 

With its sharp, contemporary graffiti walls, Sneinton Market is the place to be for street-style photography and fit pics. 

Image Credit: Instagram @ amiiboots


Cobden Chambers 

Home to numerous creative businesses, Cobden Chambers is a hipster haven, with a sunlit courtyard area housed by pastel painted walls and doors.

Go on a Road Trip

Travel further outside Nottingham for graduation trips or mini-vacations.

London - Nottingham is only a 90 minute train ride away from the English capital. Here, the opportunities are endless for shopping, food and entertainment, making this iconic city the ideal urban weekend getaway.


Sherwood Forest - Perhaps best known for its association with the legendary Robin Hood, Sherwood Forest is a sight to behold. Every August, a medieval themed Robin Hood festival is hosted here, with markets, medieval entertainment and jousting events. Be sure to visit the Major Oak, a gigantic oak tree standing since the 11th century.

Kelham Hall - This gothic manor is the third in its “lineage”, built in the 20th century to replace the previous building, which was burned down in 1857. Take a walk along its well-maintained gardens, and learn about the riveting history of a property that once held King Charles I.

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