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London is a massive city which attracts over 450,000 foreign students per year. London brings to mind images of the iconic Tower Bridge or Westminster Abbey. However, there are other places you can explore in your free time, such as London’s many free art galleries. 


London is also a melting pot of cultures. A casual stroll across town can bring you past boutiques selling modern Saris to stalls with Mexican food a few doors down. Chinese New Year is also a popular festival in London, with lion dances, parades and fireworks exploding across Trafalgar Square every year.  


The world’s most prestigious universities are also based in London. Most students will be familiar with Imperial College (rank 9th globally by QS World University Rankings 2020), King’s College London (rank 33rd) and the London School of Economics and Political Science (rank 44th) which are all in London. 

Feeling Hungry?

Here are some affordable food options near London’s city centre


Kennington Lane Cafe - This cafe is popular for its affordable breakfasts. You can get a whole platter of eggs, bacon, sizzling sausages and coffee for just £7. They also serve fresh wraps, pitas and burgers during lunchtime for less than £5.


Golden Chippy - This popular corner shop serves large portions of perfectly battered fish and chips for £8. The shop is frequented by locals from across England and even Scotland. They also serve fresh meat pies and jacket potatoes for £4.


Asian Food:

The Pie Crust Cafe - This long-established cafe serves homemade Thai food near the city center. Warm yourself with spicy green curry and rice, or slurp down chicken Tom Yum for that extra kick! Dishes can cost between £5 to £8 there.


Zaibatsu - This Japanese fusion restaurant serves the prettiest sushi in town! They serve multicolored sets of salmon belly, Unagi and cod framed by elegant flowers for £4. Their recommended dishes include Malaysian Laksa which makes for good comfort food if you’re missing home.


Farmer’s Market:

Southbank Centre Food Market - This bustling market overlooks the iconic London Bridge and offers a variety of street food like fried shrimp, delicious coffee and sweet treats. The market is also set up near tourist attractions you can explore, like the Royal Festival Hall and Hayward Gallery.


Camden Market - Camden Market is popular for scrumptious street eats like fried Taiwanese chicken, Dutch pancakes topped with whipped cream and grilled burritos. The market has a relaxed atmosphere, with live music and stand up comedy shows throughout the day.

Getting Around

There are so many public transport options in London you’ll be spoilt for choice! London’s underground train network is the most common way to through the city. There are also trains to get you to the same destination overground.


Other transport options include buses, trams and even cable cars that can get you across the Thames. For £5 you can get an Oyster card to access these public transport systems or use a contactless credit card like Visa payWave. 

Instagrammable Places in London

Places to take amazing photos in London

Oxford street-min.png

Oxford Street
Your instagram roll isn’t complete without a shot of London’s busy streets and bustling crowds.
Image credit: Instagram @oxfordstreetw1

The Shard-min.png

The Shard
London’s tallest skyscraper is gorgeous from all angles. You can also get a bird’s eye view of London from the tower.

Image credit: Instagram @theshardlondon

London eye-min.png

London Eye
Capture the glittering Thames in the evening from one of London’s top attractions!
Image credit: Instagram @londoneye

Notting hill-min.png

Notting Hill
Take a walk down this picturesque lane of Victorian houses and snap the perfect photo.
Image credit: Instagram @hessecenter

King's college london-min.png

King’s College London
King’s College London has beautiful courtyards surrounded by elegant architecture from the 18th century.
Image credit: Instagram @lifeatkings

Go on a Road Trip

Travel further outside London for graduation trips or mini-vacations.

Brighton - Breathe in refreshing sea air while driving along the sandy coasts of Brighton. The cosy coastal city is a two hours drive from London, with charming castles and traditional british towns to bike through. You can also indulge in sweet treats like ice cream and handmade chocolates in the shops nearby.


Wye Valley - Located on the border of Wales, Wye Valley is filled with miles of lush forests and ancient ruins. You can enjoy homestyle british food like shortbread biscuits, hot scones and cakes in nearby towns. Cafes across the valley also serve strong coffees and english teas; perfect for a cold rainy day. 


The Cotswold - Driving to Cotswold will take you past rolling hills and the prestigious University of Oxford! Cotswold is famous for romantic gardens framed by high castle walls and parks. For a relaxing spa treatment, drop by the Roman Baths after a long day. 

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