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The Institute of Education

The Institute of Education (commonly referred to as The Institute) in Dublin, Ireland, is a well-known private school that specializes in preparing students for the Leaving Certificate, which is the final examination in the Irish secondary school system. It is not a university but a school that focuses on secondary education and exam preparation.


The primary focus of the Institute of Education is to prepare students for the Leaving Certificate, which is a crucial set of exams in the Irish education system. The school offers a range of courses and study programs designed to help students excel in these examinations. The school offers a wide array of subjects and courses, allowing students to tailor their education to their specific interests and career aspirations. This comprehensive selection enables students to find the right path for their future.

Situated in the heart of Dublin, the school's location offers students easy access to the city's cultural, historical, and educational resources. This central location is advantageous for students who wish to explore the vibrant city while receiving a high-quality education.

Irish Leaving Certificate

The Irish Leaving Certificate provides Malaysian students with the opportunity to achieve a globally recognized qualification and a pathway to a top university in Ireland, the UK or internationally. Globally accredited and equivalent to the A Levels, they are recognized by every university in Ireland and the UK, along with thousands of other universities in the USA, Canada, Australia and elsewhere.

Subjects Offered

At the Institute there are no constraints in terms of subject choice. With 28 subjects available, students have the flexibility to choose the combination of 7 subjects for the Leaving Certificate that best fits their strengths, interests and future aspirations. Some subjects are also offered at both a regular and fast-paced learning, to suit different learning styles and abilities.

Agricultural Science, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Home Economics, Physics, Physical Education
Creative Subjects
Art, Design & Communication Graphics, Music
Maths, Applied Maths
Accounting, Business, Economics
Modern Languages
Arabic , French, German, Irish, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish
Social & Classical Subjects
Classical Studies, Geography, History, Politics & Society, Religious Education

Other Programmes Offered

The Institute of Education (IOE) in Dublin, Ireland, offers a range of programs designed to prepare students for the Leaving Certificate examination and to provide them with a strong academic foundation. Here's an overview of some of the programs typically offered at IOE.

1-Year Programme

2-Year Programme

3-Year Programme

(a) 1-year Programme | For 17 Year Old Students

Students entering 1-year programme complete the entire Leaving Certificate syllabus, including assignments and project course work, in one year. This is an intense but highly productive year and is a popular choice for many Malaysian students looking for a pre-university programme and a pathway to your chosen university course. 

With hands-on support and direction from experienced teachers, and a clear focus on exam success, students at the Institute can undertake serious, intensive study on our 1-year programme. 

(b) 2-year Programme | For 16 Year Old Students

2-year programme allows Malaysian students to immerse themselves in the Irish education system and lays the foundations for a successful Leaving Certificate examination. Up to 70% of the subject syllabuses, plus project work is completed by the end of the first year, providing more time for revision and exam preparation in the final year.

Malaysian students on 2-year programme have access to a wide range of personal development opportunities, ensuring they maintain a balanced and sustainable approach to their studies.

(c) 3-year Programme | For 15 Year Old Students

Malaysian students on 3-year programme can establish a solid foundation in key subjects such as Maths and English and many other Leaving Certificate subjects, before going on to tackle the fuller syllabus over the following two years.

For students who need to build their academic confidence, the programme provides an extra year to reinforce the basics, developing valuable study and classroom-based skills, as well as allowing students to improve their English language proficiency.

A wide array of trips and activities throughout the year ensure that international students on 3-year programme have an opportunity to settle in, make new friends and become part of school community. Activities include art appreciation, barista training, computer coding, drama, driving lessons, first aid, film studies, debating, graphic design, philosophy, yoga, tax and financial planning and many more.



Malaysian students on 3-year programme have the option of sitting a selection of international examinations during the year which is Cambridge International IGCSE. As a recently accredited Cambridge International School, the Institute has become the first school in Ireland to include the Cambridge International IGCSE as an option for its students.

Students now have the option to study the following subjects at IGCSE level:

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • English

  • Maths

  • Physics

There is significant crossover between the IGCSE and the Leaving Certificate, and studying for this qualification enables Malaysian students to develop subject knowledge and the skills needed to support a smooth progression to the Leaving Certificate.


Language Qualifications

In addition, Malaysian students at the Institute also have the option to study for the following language qualifications:

  • French DELF

  • Spanish DELE

  • German Goethe

These exams are held in collaboration with the Alliance Française, Instituto Cervantes and Goethe Institut.

Irish Leaving Certificate Examinations

The Irish Leaving Certificate examinations are the final examinations of the Irish high school system. The exams are primarily written, with oral, aural, project work and practical components for certain subjects. Each subject is examined individually. The exams take place in June, over a period of two to three weeks. You will receive the results of your Leaving Certificate in August. The results of your 6 highest scoring subjects are counted and these give you the points needed to go to the university of your choice.

Progression After Irish Leaving Certificate 

The Irish Leaving Certificate provides international students with a diverse range of interesting pathways to some of the world’s leading universities. Whatever future ambitions you have, they can help you find the course and opportunity that works for you, especially in Health Sciences, Business, Sciences, Engineering, Computing & IT and Law. Below are the universities that students mostly progress to:

  • Russel Group Universities 

  • G5 Universities (including Cambridge and Oxford University)

  • Trinity College Dublin (TCD)

  • University College Dublin (UCD)

  • Dublin City University (DCU)

  • University of Limerick

  • University College Cork (UCC)

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