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Popular Courses in Malaysia

Malaysia offers high-quality and affordable education, making it an attractive option for Malaysians to study locally. Even yet, choosing the right course to enrol in after high school in Malaysia is one of the most crucial choices you will ever make. If you are unprepared, this can be a confusing and challenging moment.

Some of you may find it confusing given the numerous course options offered to students. Edu Experts is aware of how confusing it might be to choose from a wide range of courses offered by numerous institutions and universities. Below is a list of top 15 courses that you can consider studying in Malaysia.

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Popular Courses in Malaysia





Actuarial Science

Computer Science

Fashion Design

Mass Communication


Culinary & Hospitality

Food Science

Medicine (MBBS)


Each course is a special combination of a number of various elements, including the topics studied, the campus, and the profession it prepares students for. Edu Experts will help you select the right course for you and organise your college application, whether you are still exploring potential courses, tossing up between two fields of study, or are unsure of what sort of study path you desire.

#1 Discover your strengths and goals

Consider your passions and skills for a while. You will be in a better position to choose the courses that are best for you as a result of this. You can start by picking an area of interest, then come up with a course that fits your skills, and personality.

Think about the following to assist in discovering your strengths:


  • What academic subjects are you strong in?

  • What kinds of hobbies and occupations that excite you?

  • What are you consistently praised for by your close friends and acquaintances?

Note: Since the beginning of the 20th century, personality tests have advanced greatly to help you discover your likes and dislikes, which may encourage you to choose a job or course of study that you may not have previously thought about! To learn more, check out our Personality Test article 

#2 Explore potential courses


Start making a list of the courses you want to explore in depth by finding the information online. The courses and prospectuses provided by various colleges or universities can easily be found on the Internet. You may also visit official university websites to learn more about the subjects covered in your course as well as the details of each module's content. Take into account the course duration, certification requirements, and additional expenses like books, transport  and accommodation costs.

#3 Look into career opportunities 


Even if you are still contemplating which path to take, it is never too early to think about the future. It is great if you already have some thoughts about the prospects you will have, after pursuing that course. You need to consider whether there will still be a demand for it in four or five years. It will assist you in shaping the person you can be in the future.

#4 Ask Edu Experts for help

We acknowledge that selecting a course can be a time-consuming process, which is why we would gladly assist! Our experienced education consultants have detailed understanding of our tertiary education; so you can simply contact us with any questions.

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