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Cost of Studying in Ireland

Ireland is one of the most preferred study abroad destinations. There is no surprise that Ireland has many globally reputed universities which lures international students to pursue Graduate, Masters and Postgraduate degree programs. Let’s take a look at the general cost of living and study in Ireland.

#1 Tuition Fee

In Ireland, tuition fees for non-EU/EEA students like Malaysians, range from €9,850 - 55,000 per year. Postgraduate Master’s and PhD courses range from €9,950 - 35,000 per year.


All international students (both EU/EEA and non-EU/EEA citizens) have to pay a student contribution fee of maximum €3,000 per year for student services, like examination entries and support for clubs and societies. The fee varies from one university to another, and it changes every year. Along with this, if you are opting for an English language course, the approximate total cost of the course will be around €150 - €950. Apart from this, universities may demand some extra amount in terms of examination fee or functional charges.

#2 Student Visa Cost

The student visa fee is an administration fee and is mainly charged to cover the expenses of processing a visa application. Do note that the amount is non-refundable. This means the paid fee will not be returned if you withdraw your application or if the authorities cancel it.  As per the duration of the program, you can choose between two types of student visa. Single entry €60, or multi entry €100.

#3 Accommodation Cost

Higher education institutions offer accommodation in student residence halls, which usually costs above the European average of €200 - 300. Most of the institutions do provide accommodation in the form of hostels, student residence halls, etc or you can opt for private hostels, rent an apartment, etc. However, the accommodation cost mainly depends on your chosen location and whether you intend to live alone or with a partner.


University hostels are available under an amount of €200 - 300 per month. A student living independently in an apartment will have to pay €400 - 900 per month or €450 - 550 per month if you intend to live with a partner or colleagues. For a student living on campus, a monthly amount is €300 - 650 per month. Other costs such as utilities costs around €30 - 50 per month, and internet costs up to €60 per month.

#4 Food Cost

The expenditure for food from your cost of studying in Ireland will not be very high. You will spend around €250 - 350 per month for grocery shopping. You can find cheaper food products in supermarkets such as Aldi, Lidl, Tesco, Dunnes or Superquinn. If you are consuming three meal course food in an average restaurant, you can expect to pay €30 - 55. You can also dine in a small restaurant and pay €15 or enjoy a three-course meal for two in a mid-range restaurant for €55.

#5 Travel and Transportation Cost

Talking about transportation costs, you can easily use public transport to commute to the university of the college. Students can benefit from discounts for transportation if they use the Student Leap Card or the Bus Éireann services to travel around the country. Around 27% of the students use public transport in Ireland, and a monthly pass with a special discount for students is around €50 – 55 per month. 


The most popular mode of transportation is the bicycle, chosen by 38% of the students. You can rent a bicycle to get around the city for around €20 a day.

#6 Utility Cost

For the cost of studying in Ireland, there are other costs too that have to be borne by the student. For an international student, it is necessary to bear the costs of certain utilities like electricity, water, gas, laundry, etc which costs around €550 - 1,000 per month. You may have to spend around €50-60 per month for internet changes.

#7 Student Health Insurance

All international students are required to have medical insurance that covers accidents and/or illness for any period of hospitalization as their medical expenses are not covered by the Irish Health Authorities. The cost of student health insurance in Ireland ranges between €150 - 300. The duration of student health insurance in Ireland is usually one year and should be renewed every year. Universities suggest or list out, in some cases the insurance providers which are accepted. Taking student health insurance in Ireland is also a requirement for visa approval so make sure you have medical insurance before traveling to study in Ireland.

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Cost of Studying in Ireland

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