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Bellevue College is a public college in Bellevue, Washington. It is the largest of the 34 institutions that make up the Washington Community and Technical Colleges system, with 31,200 students.  Surrounded by 96 acres of evergreen trees, Bellevue College campus is a beautiful, safe and modern place to study. Students have access to world-class facilities including brand new on-campus student housing. 

Bellevue College has high transfer rates to University of Washington and Washington State University, the two largest universities in the Washington state, as well as top universities throughout the U.S., including Columbia, Cornell, Purdue, Berkeley, UCLA and many others


Great Location

The city of Bellevue is a safe, clean, vibrant city location only 15 minutes from downtown Seattle. It is also near major companies such as Microsoft,, Boeing and Starbucks. 


1,100 international students



60 countries representated

  • Bachelor's degrees

  • University Transfer degrees

  • Professional & Technical degrees

  • Certificates

  • English Language programmes

  • International high school completion

Full range of programmes
2-year University Transfer Associate Degrees

2 + 2 TRANSFER =


Start your first two years of bachelor's degree at BC by taking general education and pre-major courses and then transfer to a university anywhere in the US to complete the last two years to earn a bachelor's degree.

At Bellevue College, the following associate degrees are offered:

  • Associate in Arts and Sciences

  • Associate in Business

  • Associate in Math Education

  • Associate in Music

YEAR 1 & 2

@ Bellevue College = Associate Degree


YEAR 3 & 4

@ Bellevue College  or transfer to a university


Bachelor's Degree
(4 years)
Bachelor's Degree Programmes

Bellevue College currently offers 16 bachelor's degrees. These are career-oriented programmes designed to prepare students to successfully compete for specialised jobs that require advanced knowledge and skills for a respective industry. 

Applied Accounting, BAS

Computer Science, BS

Data Analytics, BAS

Digital Marketing, BAS

Health and Wellness, BAS

Healthcare Informatics, BAS

Healthcare Management and Leadership

Information Systems and Technology

Interior Design

Molecular Biosciences


Radiation and Imaging Sciences

Bellevue College student accommdaton

Bellevue College opened its first on-campus apartment-style residential community in September 2018. This houses 400 students in a mix of units. Units include a full kitchen and a bathroom, and the building includes a variety of public areas for studying, meeting, and socializing. 
Bellevue College housing
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Student Clubs

Bellevue College has over 80 student-run clubs and 10 student run programmes. Joining a club or programme is a great way to meet new friends and learn about other cultures. 

International Student Association

Make connections with students from the U.S. and international students from around the world. Activities and events are offered throughout the year, including international Night, local festivals and other cultural events.


Leadership Institute

Build your leadership skills and your resume through courses, workshops, retreats, conferences, and volunteer experiences.


Performing Arts

Bellevue College offers multiple opportunities to participate in music, dance, and theatre productions through credit classes and student clubs.  For a complete list of opportunities, visit:


Bellevue College has several state and nationally recognised sports programs including tennis, baseball, basketball, golf, soccer, softball and volleyball. To learn more about sports teams, go to

Gym classes are also offered in many subjects including badminton, karate, volleyball and rock climbing in addition to outdoor classes such as hiking, kayaking and NW fitness exploration. 

Professional / Technical Associate Degree

Professional technical degrees are 2-year associate degrees that prepare students for employment or further education in specific majors. 

At Bellevue College, over 75 specialties are available, including the following courses that are offered as 2-year Associate Degree (AAS) or Associate Transfer Degree (AAS-T).


Allied Health

Business Management

Business Technology

Criminal Justice

Diagnostic Ultrasound Technology

Digital Marketing

Digital Media Arts

Early Childhood Education

Information Systems

Interior Studies

Marketing Management

Network Services and Computing Systems

Neurodiagnostic Technology

Nuclear Medicine Technology


Radiation Therapy

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Upon successful completion, international students may either engage in a one-year paid work option under Optional Practical Training with the USCIS approval or advance to a bachelor's degree at Bellevue College or other universities in the U.S.

bellevue college students

Cost to study at Bellevue College (USD)

Tuition and Fees*                   9,458

Estimated Expenses:

   Room & board                   12,906

   Books & supplies                   870

   Health Insurance                 1,107

   Computer & other fees           287

   Transportation                     1,170

   Misc                                     2,967

Total cost per academic

year (9 months)                    28,765


Admission Requirements

  • Financial Statement showing USD28,800 in available funds

  • $50 non-refundable application fee

  • Applicants must be at least 16 years old

  • Transcript from last school attended

  • Copy of passport

TOEFL/IELTS Requirements:
TOEFL61/173/500, IELTS 5.5
Bellevue College student run clubs
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Bellevue College theatre programme
Bellevue College sports