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The famous university city Cambridge is synonymous with prestigious, high class education. It also strikes the perfect balance between a small city that is easy to travel about, and having a large student population with lots going on. 

With 20% of Cambridge residents being students, it’s no surprise that the city places a large focus on catering to that demographic. The city boasts a strong nightlife for its modest size, and has no shortage of coffee shops, pubs and bars to grab a bite to eat.

Cambridge is also home to the famous University of Cambridge, which is formed from 31 semi-autonomous colleges, and 100 academic departments organised into 6 schools. The university is consistently ranked in the top 3 of the UK, and the top 10 internationally, making it one of the most prestigious universities worldwide.

Feeling Hungry?

Here are some affordable food options near Cambridge's city centre


Norfolk Street Bakery - This portuguese owned bakery serves simple, yet delicious sandwiches, for only £3.50, as well as a smorgasbord of meringues, doughnuts, tarts and all other sweet pastries. Don’t forget to try their authentic Portuguese custard tart for only £1.50.

Massaro’s - This cafe is a staple for coffee geeks in the city, roasting its own beans and offering all types of new and hip coffee serves. However, Massaro’s selling point is its lunch options, including gourmet sourdough sandwiches that start at just £4.80.

Asian Food:

Zhonghua Traditional Snacks - This restaurant specialises in fresh, handmade northern Chinese street food. Bao, traditional wantan and delicious noodle dishes are all served here for extraordinarily reasonable prices. A dozen dumplings goes for only £5.50, and the restaurant also offers plenty of exotic dishes on their specials menu.

Yippee Noodles - This Anglicised noodle house is the perfect collision of eastern cuisine and UK dining. Offering a multitude of noodle dishes from all over the east, along with various stir fries and rice dishes, Yippee noodles is perfect for someone looking to taste something different from the food they grew up with, while still retaining familiar flavours on their palate.

Farmer's Market:

Cambridge Market - Cambridge Market runs all week long, and isn’t just limited to farmer’s produce. On Mondays to Saturdays, the general market has pretty much anything you would want to buy, while on Sundays you’ll find local food from farmers, and an arts and crafts market selling an assortment of homemade gifts and charms.

Great Shelford - This indoor market is over 100 years old, and is a community spirit project, offering copious homemade treats to enjoy every Wednesday.

Getting Around

Cambridge has several bus services, all operating seven days a week and aiming to encourage motorists to park on the city’s edge. Due to traffic congestion, walking and cycling is preferred, with the city having the highest bike usage in the UK. Cambridge is a very walkable city, being one of the safest in the UK and also being relatively small. Most dorm locations are positioned well enough for you to be able to walk to lectures, local cafes and other amenities.

Instagrammable Places in Cambridge

Places to take amazing photos in Cambridge


River Cam

The banks of the city’s famous river make a perfect picnic spot - and the gorgeous view is perfect for your camera roll.

Image credit: Instagram @littlelise87


Cambridge University Botanical Gardens

This plant paradise is right next-door to the train station, and is well worth your time if you like gorgeous greenhouses.

Image credit: Instagram @azul_mistico



Fitzwilliam Museum

In addition to its huge collection of art and artefacts, the Fitzwilliam Museum boasts some of the most beautiful interior architecture the city has to offer.

Image credit: Instagram @azul_mistico


Cambridge University Colleges

The colleges of Cambridge are a sight to behold, and as tranquil as ever. Be sure not to step on the grass!

Image credit: Instagram @ginagoesto


King’s College

The largest college of the University of Cambridge, King’s College deserves its own mention for its stunning buildings, reminiscent of Hogwarts.

Go on a Road Trip

Travel further outside Cambridge for graduation trips or mini-vacations.

London - The train trip to London is rarely over an hour, and the capital city of the UK the perfect place to fill the shopping hole that Cambridge often leaves. Variety is the name of the game in this huge city, and it’s never short of something to do.

Norfolk - Need a coastal reprieve? Norfolk is the place to go. 2 hours by bus, and just under that by train, the coasts of Norfolk are a sight everyone studying in the UK needs to see. Don’t forget to try some fish and chips - the stalls in Norfolk are unrivalled.

Woburn Safari Park - Animal enthusiasts will love this park, where tigers, lions, bears, wolves and any other animal you would want to see walk freely. Explore the park and encounter the more than 1000 animals by either vehicle or foot.

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